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Leading Growth Italian Nutraceutical 

Our Vision

Freepharma’s rapid growth and success isn’t an accident. From our inception, the company has benefited from the visionary leadership of its founders. They saw a need for increased focus and consolidation in the natural products industry. They created a business model based on the simple premise of filling the needs of individual health food consumers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, produce and market exclusive quality supplements, through constant research and timely investment in technology. Thanks to this dual commitment, we are able to offer a range of highly innovative products, known by the public and industry experts for their effectiveness and reliability. 

We Are

Freepharma was established with the aim of researching, developing and distributing food supplements and nutraceutical products, also including the management of the medical-scientific information activity which, due to their health-giving characteristics and their exclusive formulations, lend themselves to being pure prescribed by general practitioners and specialists. The commercial network is made up of both medical-scientific informants and Italian and foreign wholesalers and distributors. Despite the recent company formation, Freepharma’s experience is based on the skills related to the exclusive and innovative formulations of the products that derive from the personal experience of the members.

O u r  R e s e a r c h

The research activity is planned coordinated and monitored by our Medical Management in all its phases: from the study to the clinical trials, up to the final registration which takes place after rigorous checks and following a continuous dialectical comparison with the competent authorities.


We invest in the most advanced technology to transfer all our efforts to the production front. We make use of Italian laboratories authorized by the Ministry of Health and with Quality, Safety and Respect for the Environmental System for the production, using technologically advanced machinery and specialized personnel, which allow us to pursue high quality objectives.

Our competitiveness and ability to react promptly to market needs are above all the result of technological application. Our company uses an agile and flexible structure, thanks to the adoption of planning criteria and advanced and efficient production models. The investment in technology is in fact a strategic trait of primary importance, because it allows to differentiate and optimize production according to precise health and nutritional objectives, while at the same time complying with the most rigorous European regulations and the most stringent quality standards.


O u r  M a r k e t i n g 

Production and marketing always travel in parallel because in a rapidly evolving sector, the strategic approach to market needs is an essential constraint. The Marketing Division promotes a dual research and communication activity, operating upstream and downstream of the production process, through periodic surveys on the needs of the final consumer, transferring valuable inputs to the Medical Department and production. The Communication designs and organizes advertising and information campaigns, carrying out an important educational and information function, aimed at promoting the knowledge of our products to the general public.


To allow widespread and organized distribution, our products have been made in accordance with the multiple reference distribution channels. We differentiate the different communication tools to allow adequate coverage of the direct and indirect distribution channel, but also the more specific information one at medical and specialist offices.



Ours is an avant-garde reality that has its roots in the most modern scientific research, attentive to innovation, enterprising and dynamic, capable of anticipating and interpreting current changes and market demands. In the panorama of health and well-being, Freepharma markets and develops a wide range of food supplements characterized by the exclusivity of raw materials, clinically tested, with the highest level of efficacy and safety, to encourage health needs.

Our products have been developed to offer a wide range of prevention. Freepharma offers 12 categories of products, which make up a list of 49 supplements, of which 28 can be sold over the counter in the pharmacy and 12 for medical information.



We have the goal of a continuous growth of our skills, which we obtain thanks to the constant research of the formulation of innovative products and thanks to the deep experience of the partners both in the clinical-medical and herbal fields. Innovation and growth is not limited to products only. The commercial and logistics area represents a strong lever in constant evolution with the search for new distribution channels, physical and digital and new forms of research and assistance to customers.

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