Who we are

Freepharma was established with the aim of researching, developing and distributing food supplements and nutraceutical products.


Our laboratories

Italian laboratories and authorized by the ministry of health with related safety, quality and environmental certifications.


Our Supplements

100% natural and controlled we make supplements for customers sensitive to disease prevention.


Our Dealers

You can find our supplements in Pharmacy, Parapharmacy and Supermarkets, or through our Online resellers

Eyes Problems

The wellness of your Eyes is Important

We underestimate the importance of seeing well every day, We often mistreat our eyes by exposing them to intense efforts by using electronic devices such as computers and telephones, We avoid putting on glasses so as not to look out of fashion, We do not give weight to the effort they have to make by starring for hours the screen of our computer or mobile phone .. Underestimating the risks we could encounter.

Weight Loss

We are what We eat

We underestimate the importance of what We eat every day. Often rather than a healthy lunch we prefer a sandwich, drink carbonated drinks and sweets as soon as We have the chance. All this is not good for our metabolism, We gain weight and try to lose weight, but punctually, after each weight loss, We think we can go back to eating as before and … We get back all the pounds lost in no time.

Our Products

Nutraceutics We produce

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